About us

The company was established in 1989 and since then is family owned. Over the years, it has proven itself on the market as a trusted partner for globally operating companies, a leader in providing complex solutions in the field of design and manufacture of instrumental equipment and injection moulding. The industries we serve are: white household goods, automotive, technical parts, consumer goods, and others.

The name Diko is synonym of quality, reliability and first-class service with a commitment to meet the expectations of all customers.
  • Total area: 32736 (sqm)
  • Total covered area: 10894 (sqm)
  • Warehouse
  • Injection moulding and assembling
  • Instrumental equipment
  • Printing
  • Offices and service rooms

Our company portfolio includes:

Instrumental equipment

You need tools and equipment to execute your projects, everything should be perfect, this is where our tool manufacturing workshop plays a key role.

The advantages we offer:

  • Flexibility and ability to react at any time
  • Changes are needed - we can implement them safely and on time
  • Qualitative maintenance of the instrumental equipment, performed by our staff

Injection moulding

Our production is equipped with 55 machines in the range from 35 tons to 650 tons, mainly brands of “Battenfeld” and “Engel”, the shot weight up to 4500 gr. We have fully integrated equipment for feeding, drying, coloring the raw materials during the production process. The machines are equipped with robots and the expertise in the production of robot hands and manipulation mechanics is present.

The materials we are working with are : PC, ABS, PA6, PA66, PA12, PS, PE, PP, PUR, different types of reinforced polymers.
The technologies we are applying allow us to satisfy the highest requirements of our customers and to meet the highest quality standards for the production of thermoplastic parts: Gas-assisted injection molding, insert molding, polyurethane injection molding.

Printing – pad, screen, hot stamping
We have machines for one- and two-component pad and screen printing, as well as a machine for hot stamping. We are equipped with Ultraviolet tunnels for treating UV inks in order to ensure the highest quality of printing.

Includes semi-automatic and manual assembling. We perform partitive assembling, following the specific requirements of the customer. We also apply the most popular technology for junction of the plastic parts - ultrasonic welding.


  • The company started its activity with the production of plastic parts
  • The first expansion to increase capacity, efficiency and innovation, and customer satisfaction
  • the resources management system has been implemented
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • tool manufacturing workshop is established
  • is the second expansion of the production for plastic parts


There are 3 laboratories with the most advanced equipment in order to ensure continuous control of the processes. Highly qualified personnel work at every stage – from quality control of the incoming materials, through the production lines to the finished product and the shipment. The equipment which helps achieve high results: 3D measuring machine Dea Hexagon, optical microscope Mitutoyo, humidity measuring devices, spectrophotometer, microscopes, etc