Instrumental equipment

Are you in need of injection moulds in order to achieve your vision for your own plastic parts or idea to modify existing one? Our team has more than 40 years’ experience in field of plastic injection and mould production. We are ready to help you for any metalworking needed (CNC machines, lathes, locksmith activity, electro-erosion machines, design, 3D modeling). We have various equipment for achieving your projects and perfect manufacturing. We work in the field of making injection molds, punches, blast molds, non-standard equipment. We have cutting-edge machine park, precise machines for measurements and control of the quality of each produced product. One of our biggest advantages is that we have our own vacuum heat treatment for thermoform of steels and ion-nitrogen ION 20 chamber. Our benefits:

  • We are flexible and can react at any time
  • If you need any changes – we can make them reliably and on time
  • Quality maintenance of the injection moulds from our team
  • Analysis of problematic existing injection moulds
  • Uncompromising intervention in problems of tools working in our plastic production